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WORKBOOK: Create a Compelling Content Plan & Editorial Calendar

Creating meaningful content that resonates with your audience of customers and prospects is at the heart of every successful inbound marketing program.

People find your business through the content you create and publish. Original content is what generates more traffic to your company website and, ultimately, generates qualified leads and new customers.

You need to think like a publisher

Your business is fighting for the attention of your customers and prospects. You are also going head to head with your competitors fighting for the attention of the search engines like Google and Bing.

Creating original and compelling content is how you win this battle for attention.

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Creating original content is time-consuming. Many companies also struggle with what to write about and how to “package” their expertise into content that will resonate with their audiences.

Staying organized is another challenge. It can be difficult to track your ideas for content and manage a cohesive content marketing plan.

This workbook will help you overcome these common challenges.

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Create a Compelling Content Plan

Download this workbook and learn how you can better organize and execute your content marketing plan.